TEACHER’S REPORT – We were asked to take part in the initial pilot of the project. Pupils were introduced to 3D printing and CAD and used tinkerCAD to design and print small objects to sell at our annual enterprise fair. Two pupils at a time were trained how to print the files and pupils saved their files in a shared file so that all could be printed. Once the pupils who had received the training were confident, they passed their training on to others and a rota began to print the objects. The pupils would pop in before school to set the printer going, check on it at break and lunch and change file if necessary and then shut it down after school so it was safe for the night. The stall was extremely popular and sold out before the end of the fair. 

Y3 have been studying rocks and fossils this term. They used the Internet to find ready-made files to print 3D models and began printing them last week with the help of two of our Digital Leaders. They will be using the fossils in a pretend archaeological dig. 

The maker training was excellent as I had chance to play and get to know how the printer works with experts on hand to answer questions there and then. The support setting up our printer at school and with technical issues has been fantastic. The pupils love the 3D printer and staff are fully on board and excited about it too! Our Y3s and 4s are using it this term. Y4 can’t wait to make boat rudders to use in their DT project and our new digital leaders are helping Y3 to print fossil models. I’m looking forward to writing our application for our Bronze maker award!



Daniel Y6

For our project we had to design different types of key rings and figures to sell at our Enterprise fair. We had to design the ideas using Tinker CAD and then save them in a shared folder so they could be printed. It linked because it was one of our stalls so we had to cost out the cost of the materials and work out how much to sell them for. We also had to run the stall and sell things. It was quite good to do because we could see different people’s designs. At one point we had a problem with the heart design and it got stuck to the bed, it took us a lot of time to get it off and we needed special tools.

Faris Y6

Our project was about trying to raise money for Enterprise. Enterprise is an event where we try and raise money for the school by selling items to parents and children. Each class gets a certain amount of money and they have to try and make a profit. First we started designing our products on TinkerCAD, then we uploaded them onto the school network. After we took it in turns to print the files.