/, CoLiDo DIY/CoLiDo DIY 3D Printer – Build your own 3D Printer with this DIY 3D Printer Kit! 500g Filament Included

CoLiDo DIY 3D Printer – Build your own 3D Printer with this DIY 3D Printer Kit! 500g Filament Included


The CoLiDo DIY kit allows you to build your own 3D printer – what better way to learn about 3D printers than to put one together yourself! It comes with full instructions, plus you can watch how to assemble the printer with our online video below. The printer has been created using advanced 3D printing technology to make it both stable and reliable. It is perhaps best suited to hobbyists, educational or home users.

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Product Description

  • Large build size – 7.9″ x 7.9″ x 6.7″ (20 x 20 x 17cm)
  • Clean and easy to use
  • Very high print quality and smooth build surface – up to 0.1 mm resolution
  • Small, light weight, quiet and odourless
  • Printer requires manual assembly (instructions included)


What’s in the box:

  • CoLiDo DIY 3D printer
  • 500g PLA filament
  • USB flash drive
  • Tools
  • User manual
  • Other accessories


  • Local customer services and technical support (UK)
  • 30 days return policy + 1 year international warranty




“I bought this 3D printer for the sole intention of having something fun to do with my son, and the price of this one meant that it wouldn’t be too much of a disaster compared to the more expensive ones if it ended up not being something we enjoyed.
I was prepared for some headache and heartache when it came to setting it up, and it was quite daunting when I opened the box, but actually it was a breeze. The printer came with a single sheet of paper instructions, but included in the box was a USB stick with not just a more detailed pdf user manual, but also a handy video to follow! I think I could have set it up in half the time it actually took me, but I was held up by a slightly ill fitting Allen bolt. I had to remove about a half mm of plastic from one of the screw holes with a paring knife from the kitchen, but no buggy, bolt went in after that. It’s worth noting that the kit is already partially assembled, if you can put together a simple bit of flat pack furniture, you can assemble this. The kit comes with a selection of Allen key sizes too.
The included software was easy to install on my three year old laptop with windows 10, and again there was enough information included with the printer to have the software running with one of the included example 3D files minutes after assembly was completed. ‘Johnny’

“I was very dubious about what I would get. But as it was an Amazon purchase with the easy returns, I thought it worth the gamble.
Well, I have not had to bother about returns.My other 3D printer, well not mine – it is at work, is a Makerbot with 10x the price tag of the Colido. A fair comparison? Read on.
From opening the box to having everything in place on a table top and ready to go took about 50 minutes.
Installing the software into my computer seemed to take just as long!
The instructions are not that clear in my opinion. But given the lego style assembly, who needs instructions.
A bit of common sense is all you need.
Calibration is easy using a supplied template. There was virtually nothing to do on calibration and it only took a minute or two.
Off to the first model. A sample file from Colido to make sort of Godzilla/dinosaur type creature. At first the base did not stick very well. Minor calibration adjustment sorted that. Start again and leave the machine running. No snags, no jams. Some time later a finished model made to a good standard. But I didn’t trust the machine! The model was composed mainly of flat solid surfaces. I wondered how the machine would cope with curves and gaps.
Off to get a model from the web. An owl pencil holder about 10cm tall. Composed of various curved surfaces. Some solid. Lots of skeletal forms at different angles. I didn’t edit the file to change supports, etc. The Colido processing software took quite a few minutes to sort out the file conversion to the printer format. But part of that is the vintage laptop I was using. I left all of the printer speeds, temperature, etc at the ‘out of the box’ values. The predicted print time was 14 hours! Set the printer going. Have a cup of tea. Watch the telly. Have a beer. Go to bed. Wake up next morning, still printing!
After breakfast the printer stopped. The owl was complete! There were a few strings and ‘not quite right finish’ bits. Just like you would get from the £2000 Makerbot. In conclusion. An excellent home printer.
Comparing to the Makerbot. This is a bit slower. There aren’t easy options on infill style, etc. I don’t think it will detect filament slip/jam like the Makerbot. But then again, I haven’t suffered any. It doesn’t have a camera on the print bed so you can watch progress from another room. But that is easily fixed by a £10 webcam.
I recommend the printer be left permanently on a rigid board. Hide it in a cupboard when not required to keep the dust off. A few cable ties and clips will tidy up some of the cable runs. The vertical datum is set by a screw operating a microswitch. Making the end of the screw smooth and round using a file or abrasive sheet makes datum more reliable. These are only minor tidy up jobs.
Update after 3 months of use. I am still very pleased. A fine printer.” ‘Carbon Brush’

“Ordered mine on Friday and it arrived the next day. Took 30 minutes to set it up and start printing. Print quality is superb: as good as our Ultimaker2. I cannot recommend enough!” ‘J D Harrop’

“This is outstanding. I bought this not sure as to how much I’d use it and to have a try with the kids, its amazing.
The initial set up and build was straight forward, in fact I though I was missing some instructions as the diagrams to put it toghter only filled one sheet. But it was as simple as that.
Calibration is easy once you get your head around it and the bundled software is a piece of cake.
Since then I don’t think its stopped, we’ve built gadgets puzzles and practical things, i actually printed a volume control for the radio in my wifes car that kept falling off.” ‘Amazon customer – anonymous’

“Overall a great bit of kit! I was sceptical at first – thinking I’d have to modify it quite a bit before it would print decent things… But it worked great straight out of the box! The initial setup took a bit of time as I was having some problems with the program, but after getting familiar with what all of the 3D printing terms meant I was able to print some really decent pieces for the price! Since I’m completely new to 3D printing, I’d say this is a great starter printer for the price! :D” ‘Matthew H’


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