We always knew it but now it has been confirmed…our CoLiDo DIY 3D printer is one of the best low-cost printers around today!

In an independent review by respected global 3D news, information, jobs and videos publisher, 3D Natives, the CoLiDo DIY has been featured in a rundown of the top 14 best low-cost 3D printers.

In its summary of the DIY, 3D Natives said: “This stylish 3D printer kit from CoLiDo can print objects up to 200x200x170 mm, but only prints PLA. It works with Repetier software and can be controlled via USB. It is also possible to change the print bed. The minimum printing layer thickness for the CoLiDo DIY is 0.1mm. Moreover, assembly is simple, so you can get started printing within a few hours.”

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