Colido Europe and MakerEd UK

Colido Europe and MakerEd UK have formed a partnership which they hope will help inspire the next generation of engineers and creatives.

MakerEd UK is an exciting new programme of training, equipment, support and coaching for junior schools across the UK. This will in turn enable them to become Maker Schools and help teach pupils about the technology and innovations that will shape the world around them and impact on their future careers. The project has been supported by the Sheffield Innovation Programme and the Institute of Education at Sheffield Hallam University.

Each school signing up to the programme receives a CoLiDo Compact 3D printer along with various support materials to make their 3D printing experience fun and rewarding.

Dr Alison Buxton of MakerEd has over 15 years experience inspiring young people in science, technology, engineering & maths and has carried out extensive research into how young people make career choices and how experiences in childhood lead to future interests in STEM education.  She commented: “This is an incredibly exciting project which we believe will massively enhance the opportunities for children to experience the world of making and innovation, and help them to consider future education and careers for the Digital Age.”

Educational Discount on CoLiDo Compact 3D Printer